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  • Healing Photons: The Science & Art of Blood Irradiation Therapy by Kenneth J. Dillon
  • Photoluminescent Therapy (UBI, UVBI) by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, California
  • Low Level Laser Therapy: Clinical Practice and Scientific Background, by Jan Tuner and Lars Hode Prima Books 1999, ISBN 91-630-7616-0
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  • Clinical Laser Therapy: Low Level Laser Therapy, by Kert & Rose Scandinavian Medical Laser Technology, ISBN 87-983204-1-6
  • Proceedings 2nd Congress World Association for Laser Therapy Kansas City Missouri September 2-5, 1998
  • Laser Acupuncture an Introductory Textbook for Treatment of Pain, Paralysis, Spacticity, and other Disorders, by Margaret A. Naeser, Ph. D. and Xiu-Bing Wei, MD
  • Laser and Electrodiagnostic Techniques for the Isolation and Treatment of Odontogenous Foci by Dennis Tucker, PhD, DAc, American Journal of Acupuncture, Vol 18, No.4, 1990

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